Doesn't it suck you can't use bitcoin
to buy regular things? allows you to buy anything anywhere from any website and pay with Bitcoin. You tell us what you want and how you want it. Then you pay us via Bitcoin and we order with our credit cards. Pretty much anywhere you can make a purchase with a credit card, you pay us via Bitcoin and we'll make the purchase or payment for you. Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Carrefour, Booking, Expedia, Ticketmaster, your doctor's office, your cable bill, your phone bill, you name it and we'll do it. Our fees are simple and affordable at a FLAT RATE OF 5%. It’s that easy!

Save on taxes by spending your bitcoin before cashing it out to fiat currency.

How does it work?

  • Go to Amazon or any other site. Add what you want to the shopping cart.
  • Configure all sizes and colors and other variations.
  • Enter your shipping address. Choose your shipping method.
  • See the final confirmation page where it confirms your items and preferences and asks you for payment.
  • Stop there. Print screen. Windows users simply push the print screen button. Mac users Command+Shift+3.
  • Then paste or attach the printed screen into the form below along with the item's price and send it to us.
  • We'll then send you an invoice in Bitcoin and you pay it.
  • We'll then place the order for you with our own credit cards and forward you the confirmation and shipment emails. Its that easy!

You only need to send us two things. What you want us to buy for you and proof of payment. We take care of the rest.

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Watch the video to see how easy it is!